Severe Thunderstorm

Hall County Nebraska as well as surrounding counties were hit with a long line of severe thunderstorms on a late Friday night well into Saturday morning. This image was taken from a parking garage across the street from the Hall County Courthouse as the storm came through. Because of the trees (which added to the composition of the image), I braced the camera against my left knee pointing it slightly upward trying not to obscure the top of the steeple, tripping the shutter when I saw a glow of light. After using this wide angle zoom lens for close to a year now my opinion is that it’s flawless. It’s tack sharp from corner to corner at all focal lengths and it renders colors beautifully.

Canon EOS-1D X Mark II camera, 16-35mm f2.8 series III lens, 1/25th of a second, f4 at 3200 ISO.

Sheeting rain comes down as the skies open up with a bright flash of lightning above the Hall County Courthouse early Saturday morning in Grand Island, Neb.

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