"I really loved your Harvest of Harmony photos on the website!"
"I especially liked the one of the Northwest band jumping in the air and the one
of the GISH band in front of the Grand Theatre!"
"Terrific! You really captured the energy and grandeur of the event."

R.J.Post, Copywriter and Digital Content Creator, IdeaBank Marketing, October 2018

"Hey I didn't get a chance to say goodbye to you."
"So thanks for being so nice and friendly and helpful this summer."
"I definitely enjoyed your company on assignments."

Nikoel Hytrek, Grand Island Independent summer intern, July 2018

“Thanks Andrew. You do amazing work!"

Betsy Lynch, Editor for AQHA Performance Horse Journal, January 2018

“Thank you so much for coming to take pics of my Reiki room! They turned out absolutely amazing! I definitely want a plaque with your photos and the story! I appreciate your help getting the word out about Reiki! Thanks so much!”

Better Living by Sarah Larsen-Astrones, Life Coach & Reiki Master, December 2017

“This word to convey my thanks for the time and effort to realize the coverage of me for the 7/17/17 issue. I enjoyed the brief exchange on your professionalism and artistic activity”.

Steve Anderson, Deputy Director, Multicultural Coalition, July 2017

“People’s response to your story tells me that many people in our community pay attention to The Independent. In this time when newspapers are fighting for survival, it was gratifying to glimpse how many people you are reaching. You are a major part of the glue that holds our community together. You are also a vehicle for encouraging people to see the world through a wider lens and our community with a more compassionate heart. Andrew Carpenean’s eye with the camera is exceptional. It is not easy to make me look good and he did! Thank you!

Caroline Price-Gibson, Reverend First Presbyterian Church, April 2017

“I wanted to commend you on the outstanding job you did covering the images of the Nebraska State Fair. I heard many positive comments about the Independent’s news and photo coverage of the fair. I looked foward each day to the pictures. I am sure you were ready for a rest after 11 days. Thanks for a job well done!

Don Smith, Grand Island Independent Publisher, September 2016

“Andy is professional and a hard working photojournalist who can produce quality photographs in demanding situations. His technical expertise has allowed us to substantially upgrade the equipment and the overall quality of photographs published in the Boomerang. While he can competently cover all types of news and feature assignments, he has been particularly successful at covering sports assignments. I have always found Andy to be honest and direct in his dealings with the newspaper and with news sources. He has shown himself to be friendly and dependable in his dealings with fellow news staff members.”

Don Black, Publisher, Laramie Boomerang November 2009

“I admire someone who can pick up and move to an unknown community, leaving friends and colleagues behind to make a move that holds a lot of uncertainty. Andy has done that and made it work for him”.

Deb Thomsen, Managing Editor, Laramie Boomerang July 2007

“Andy won both first place as well as second place in the July Wyoming Photo of the Month contest. You really have an eye for great talent”.

Rob Paine, Photo Editor, Associated Press August 2007

“Excellent, moving photos from the serviceman’s funeral. It’s a tough assignment to shoot, but you handled it well. You served our readers well with a good selection of high-impact photos. Thanks”.

Jeff Funk, Publisher, Enid News & Eagle August 2006

“I want to extend my congratulations to you on receiving the September Employee of the Month honor from the Enid News & Eagle. This is great news! I was so happy for you when I read about your award. Your photography coverage is outstanding and a valuable asset to this community. Keep up the good work. You are to be
commended for your dedication and commitment to excellence. You are extremely talented
and I enjoy viewing your creations.”

Dr. Cheryl Evans, Dean, Northwestern Oklahoma State University, September 2006

“Just wanted to pass along congrats for making MSNBC’s Year of Photos for the shot of the Kingfisher fire on a stormy night. It is a wonderful photo. Also I want to applaud the photo dept. and editorial staff for putting your own year of pictures on the Web site. We enjoyed it.”

Zach Nash, Creative Department, Oklahoma Press Association, January 2005

“I wanted to commend you for producing some pretty darn good photos for our Progress sections. As I’ve been proofing these sections I’ve noticed that our photos this year seem to be the strongest of the last three”.

Cindy Allen, Managing Editor, Enid News & Eagle March 2005

"SNPA uses outstanding photographs from our annual Photo of the Year Contest for the directory cover each year. And, the photo you submitted is a wonderful example of photojournalism. Congratulations on having your photo selected for this year’s cover."

Southern Newspaper Publishers Association, July 2005

“You have done some impressive work at the News & Eagle. Plus, you have helped elevate the quality of photojournalism overall by nurturing other, younger photogs and by working with editors/reporters to try to improve the quality – or at least the probable – quality of assignments”.

Jeff Funk, Publisher, Enid News & Eagle, July 2005

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for the photo you took at Booker T that we published in today’s paper. I’ve enjoyed looking at all the kid’s expressions. This may not be considered an award-winning photo by photojournalist standards, but it wins with me. Nothing is better for our paper than to get more faces.
You really accomplished it with this photo. I love it!

Cindy Allen, Managing Editor, Enid News & Eagle, December 2005

“I met with Andy Carpenean at the New Years in Rio event and found him funny, friendly and professional. It is refreshing to meet with media that is non intrusive and is able to integrate into the events and persons involved”.

Teressa, Event Coordinator, January 2004

“Andy, without a doubt was the best photographer I have ever had the pleasure to work with. His professionalism with the public is extremely polite and he made ordinary assignments into award winning photos. He won many 1st place awards in photography at the Colorado Press Association Awards Banquet held yearly.”

Tom Spargur, Publisher, Colorado Community Newspapers, December 2004

“The symmetry of the trees, buildings, fire apparatus and the firemen. The way the hoses are arranged on the road – not to mention the colors. I have been a working photojournalist since 1979 and was immediately struck by the uniqueness of this image where so many elements fell into place. The important aspect for me was that you recognized the moment and the elements… along with some sort of divine intervention… and captured the image in spite on the challenging conditions.

Dan Marschka, Photojournalist, March 2004

“Thank you for being such a great employee, colleague and friend. It has been a pleasure knowing and working with you. You are very talented and very hard working, an awesome combination, plus a heck of a nice guy. I would be happy to hire you again and at a lot more money”.

Cindy Yingst, Managing Editor, The Daily Astorian, January 2001

“An outstanding selection of photos by Andy –and they were put into the system nice and early, which made a HUGE difference, meaning I could do most of the creative work Sunday instead Monday. This was the biggest single factor in us meeting our deadline with a quality product.”

Patrick Webb, Managing Editor, The Daily Astorian May 2001

“Andy, I LOVE the cover photo of the pilot portrait! ILOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT.”

Jill Foreman, Reporter, The Daily Astorian August 2001

“Great photo on page 1 Friday. Real magnetism and tension. Little heads turning in a row.”

Steve Forrester, Publisher, The Daily Astorian April 2001

“During his time here, Andy has proven to be very reliable, cooperative and honest. He does what he says he will and follows instructions well. He also is a very good photographer.”

Richard Bangs, Managing Editor, The Douglas County News-Press July 1998

“Hooray for any photographer who can make us laugh – and especially if that image captures a genuine, spontaneous and humorous moment. We share the grad’s joy, captured amidst the decorum.”

NPPA National Judge’s comments, Miami Herald, Pictures of the Month June 1998