United Press International

My first job out of college was working at United Press International in Denver. We covered any news of a national importance including lots of collegiate and professional sports.

A firefighter puts on his gear as a jackknifed diesel fuel tanker burns out-of-control on a recently open stretch of highway (I-76) north of Denver, Colo. Public safety officials speculate the tanker was traveling too fast, failing to make a sharp turn, rupturing opon rollover.


Democratic presidential hopeful Micheal Dukakis (left), watches as actress Sally Fields (right), rallies the crowd gathered at Denver’s Stapleton International Airport to welcome the candidate to the Mile High City.


Chaps fly in the air as a rodeo cowboy hangs on while competing bareback riding at a 1991 Cheyenne Frontier Days rodeo.


A Memorial Day observer grieves over a lost loved one while finding compassion in his best friend at Ft. Logan National Cemetery in Littleton, Colo.


In the hurry up and wait world of film making actor Tom Bosley yawns from behind the camera during the making of a new TV series entitled Father Dowling in Denver, Colo.


Denver Bronco John Elway clowns around with former Broncos quarterback Craig Morton, left, on the last day of Broncos training camp in Greeley, Colo.


Roger Daltrey, lead singer for The Who, belts out the lyrics on one of the group’s classics during the Who’s 25th anniversary tour across America.


Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Bubby Brister runs down the field with teammate Merril Hoge after completing a 33-yard pass in the 4th quarter against the Denver Broncos.


Centaurus Warriors football players celebrate a touchdown in snowy playoff game against the Broomfield Eagles.


Prime Minister Margeret Thatcher is greeted prior to taking a tour of the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) in Boulder, Colo.


Thomas Sutherland, former Dean of Agriculture at the American University of Beirut in Lebanon, greets family members at a welcome home celebration at Colorado State University. Sutherland was kidnapped by Islamic Jihad members. He was released Nov. 18, 1991 after being held hostage for 2,353 days.


Tony Burham who parades around as the University of Colorado Buffaloes mascot “Chip” leans back on Chip’s head while taking a water break during the Texas vs. Colorado football game in Boulder, Colo.


A master Enshin Karate champion breaks through blocks of ice during a performance in Denver, Colo.


A cadet is hoisted up over spectators at an Air Force football game in Colorado Springs.


A youngster reacts while being dowsed with cold water of a flush tank at a carnival.


A first-time bungee jumper exits a hot air balloon basket from 150-feet up in an open field near Frederick, Colo.


Denver Broncos quarterback scrambles out of the pocket against Pittsburgh at Mile High Stadium.

Denver Broncos quarterback John Elway scrambles out of the pocket against the Pittsburgh Steelers at Mile High Stadium.

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